We stock DealOyster.com with the web's best coupons and deals. We can't wait to get you unbeatable savings on the stuff you buy! It's not that you need to save, but if you can, why not?

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Why We Created DealOyster

There are few things more awesome than getting stuff you like at a discount. It makes you pump your fist, scream “Yesss!”, and take in that lasting deep breath of victory…

It began with determination in our belief that discovering offers for free appetizers, free shipping, and coupons for 10% off is the purest expression of shopper’s delight. We also wanted to help ease the agony of endless searching for online coupons.

And so began DealOyster.com: hand-crafted from the web’s most refined technologies, delicately constructed with surgical precision, and generously updated every single day, DealOyster.com brings savings straight to your fingertips.

So go forth friends, shop, save, spread the love, and indulge in that shopper’s delight!

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