15 Funny Gift Ideas

March 11, 2013
Category: Gifts

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Do you have a funny party guy or gal on your gift list? How about a friend with attitude?

Even if you don’t have time to tour mall novelty shops, you can find plenty of fun novelty items at online retailers. Here’s fifteen of the most over-the-top, humorous gifts available. After all, life is short, and laughter is the best medicine.

1. Pajamas are always a big seller, but what about adult footie pajamas? Even better, what about adult-sized pajamas with a hood and footies that allow a grown-up to dress like a cartoon character from a children’s show? The recipient of these fuzzy pajamas will love feeling like a kid again. Add a box of cereal and a cartoon DVD for the ultimate gift. Check out current Spencer’s Gifts coupons.

2. For a mama-to-be with attitude, try a maternity T-shirt that says it all. Sentiments like “hot mama,” and “just chillin’ with my little meatball” will add laughter to any pregnant situation.

3. While you’re buying a gift for the mama-to-be, why not purchase a baby snap suit to go along with it? Witty children’s wear always makes a great gift. Round out your gift with more humorous items like baby tattoos, socks and more. Nothing’s more funny or shocking than pint-sized attitude.

4. The mooning garden gnome is perfect for the funny gardener on your list. While the typical garden gnome might be a cliché, this rude gnome makes a statement. Round out your present with a funny garden sign to create the best gardening gift basket.

5. If the redneck on your list must drink wine, he’ll surely love to drink it from these red cup wineglasses. The glasses are created to look just like their plastic counterparts, but they are constructed from ceramic and sport a stem for the ultimate in redneck sophistication.

6. The guy who just can’t seem to leave the eighties will be styling with a new mullet hair extension. Now, you’ll just have to figure out how to get him to leave his mullet at home when you go out with him.

7. If you know someone who needs to advertise their new status as a senior citizen, this hat will surely do the trick. Most online novelty retailers sport a wide variety of birthday gifts, too, so you can create the perfect gift bag for any newly over-the-hill friend or loved one.

8. Do you know someone who loves to display their over-the-top rude, crude attitude to the world? Funny, novelty T-shirts are always a hit, and these old school design T-shirts say it like nothing else. In fact, these T-shirts are so rude that their words can’t be repeated in this article. Online retailers are the best place to purchase funny T-shirts for your friends with attitude.

9. If you can’t beat them, join them, with a fun new drinking game or beer pong table. Shot glasses, beer mugs and T-shirts also make great gifts for the party guy or gal on your list. Add even more fun with a six-pack belt or hat.

10. Are you organizing a bachelorette party? Naughty gifts and accessories will make your girl’s night out an evening to remember. Tiaras, T-shirts, cake molds, drinking straws and more will provide details to make your bachelorette party like no other.

11. Always popular, especially for the prankster on your list, are good old-fashioned gag gifts. Purchase a running roach, a fake spider or a fake pregnancy test to pull the ultimate prank. Don’t wait for April Fool’s Day; prank gifts can be fun every day of the year.

12. Why stop at buying funny gifts for people? Your cat will be entertained for hours with this dj cat scratch pad that allows him to scratch his own turntable. Add a little catnip, and you’ll be entertained watching your cat party like a rock star.

13. The main component in humor is surprise, and this nice underwear doormat will have people laughing before they walk in the door. Find something equally shocking to greet guests on the other side of the threshold, too, with a huge selection of funny posters available at most online novelty retailers.

14. Did you find the perfect pair of slippers for your adult friend in the children’s department? This collection of adult-sized slippers feature fun, fuzzy characters from popular children’s shows for the big kid on your list. Add the slippers to a pair of great pajamas or a T-shirt for a fun outfit.

15. Most people take their phones and tablets everywhere these days, and they’ll surely appreciate a funny phone or tablet case to keep the laughs rolling. Online shopping venues feature a huge variety of novelty cases and skins for most devices.

A gift of a great laugh goes a long way. Need more gift ideas? Check out unique gifts you can make yourself.

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